Thursday, July 12, 2018

so who has picked up petitions to run for ANC5E positions in in the November 2018 elections?

Here is the link from the DC Board of Elections and Ethics website.

I will periodically sharing the list of petitions picker-uppers here at the blog.

Bloomingdale is covered by ANC5E06, ANC5E07, ANC5E08 and ANC5E09.

ANC5E07 and ANC5E08 are completely within Bloomingdale, while ANC5E06 and ANC5E09 are not.

As of today, Robert Brannum has picked up picked up petitions for ANC5E08.  (The current ANC5E08 commissioner is Horatio Sierra.)

Dianne Barnes, Sam Bonar and Kirby Vining have all picked up petitions for ANC5E09.  (The current ANC5E09 commissioner is Dianne Barnes.)

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