Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rae Sullivan has picked up petitions to run for ANC5E09 commissioner

Here is the link to this info from the DC Board of Elections and Ethics.

Note that Bloomingdale is covered by ANC5E06, ANC5E07, ANC5E08 and ANC5E09.

There is a new name for today for ANC5E09 -- Rae Sullivan.


BCC said...

I hope one of these candidates has some thoughts for MPD about the recent Bloomingdale crime wave. It's very disturbing how often my DC Alert is sending messages about crimes on Florida NW, Seaton NW, Quincy Pl. NW, R St. NW, etc. This is Bloomingdale, and apparently we're all very attractive targets.

Maybe it's time for an officer to pose as an attractive victim and get some people off the street.

Anonymous said...

Can someone run against Bertha? She’s unfit for office.