Sunday, July 29, 2018

why the Bloomingdale Farmers Market is one of the ten best markets in DC

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Date: July 28, 2018 at 11:23:16 PM GMT+2
Subject: Why is BFM one of the ten best markets in DC

Hi BFM fans,

Sunday is a big summer market which means that we will have everything that makes us one of DC’s top ten markets. See:

Plus our Bike House and our Music at the market.

White peaches,white nectarines, yellow peaches, yellow nectarine, plums, blueberries, blackberries,  Summer apples,
LOTS of heirloom tomatoes this week, lots of cherry tomatoes. WATERMELONS. Cantaloupes. Bicolor sweetcorn, peppers in green, yellow and purple. Cucumbers. Many varieties of eggplants. Green and yellow beans. Red, white and yellow spuds. Squash and zucchini. Green tomatoes,weet potatoes, sweet candy onions, Kale, swiss chard, carrots, collard greens, hot pepper, Basil bunches.. Pastured Pork in all cuts. Eggs.
Clean kraut and Ripping Rosetido kraute. Wasabi pickles, Salsa so Verde and 5 New York Style pickles and kimchi. Local Peach Kombucha, Italian Giardiniera, Summer Dills, Ginger B & Bs.  
Fresh pasta AND SAUCES. Key lime and other Whisked Pies, cookies and quiches. French pastries and breads in loaves and boules and baguettes

Fresh pasturized goat and cow cheeses and aged raw milk cheeses.  Yogurts, quark, ricotta.. 

Produce Plus continues and yes, we have SNAP, WIC and SENIOR Farmers Market Nutrition Program at the market.


Robin,  Ted and our `Produce Plus team 

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