Monday, March 01, 2010

homeowners have large electric bill increases in January?

From a resident on the unit block of U Street NW:

I am interested in knowing if other homeowners received a massive increase in their electric and/or gas bill for January.

I believe the electric bills were estimates and not actual reading. My January 2010 electric bill increased by $400 and just wondering what others had? My home is heated in the winter time by electric.


Anonymous said...

My gas bill was estimated at about 300% of the actual reading on the meter. I asked them for an actual reading or otherwise recalculate based on my actual reading. They said they would send someone out.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Mine was actually less than December by around $50.

Mat on North Capitol

Anonymous said...

Mine was WAY up. DOUBLE the Jan 2009 bill. Thank you for calling this out.
-Unit Block of U Street NW

Anonymous said...

Yes! My house bill was up almost 100%. This is very mysterious!

Anonymous said...

For me, January electric was estimated and less than December by about $200. Our December bill was huge, which I attribute largely to electric heating. We made significant efforts to reduce electric use in January. An actual reading I took myself indicates slightly lower than what was estimated by PEPCO.

It says on your bill whether the reading was estimated or actual. Either way, you can take a reading yourself and compare it. There are many sites online which will tell you how to read an electric meter.

Anonymous said...

Go to

Search on: Vincent Orange Pepco

Be certain to read the Post article about how Donna Cooper followed her boss Vinnie O. to Pepco.

Spoiler alert: The former Ward 5 Councilman is now Regional Vice President of Pepco, His region? The District of Columbia.

Ahh... I love the smell of corruption in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my bill was huge it was double as well. I called and the rep said it was an actual reading. Is there anything we can do ...? I'm on V Street

Anonymous said...

You know what, now that I see other's bills were high, I'm writing a letter. Cuz my bill was RIDICULOUS ... and it is normally quite reasonable. My house is heated electrically too.


Anonymous said...

Mine too... what can be done abou this!

Anonymous said...

We were astonished by our bill extremly high December and January PEPCO bill. Esp since we were home less in Dec vs. Jan.

U Street, NW

ESL Meeting Point said...

Mine was up 3 times normal amount. They said they'd come out, but nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason for a higher electric bill to be a "mystery". Go to the meter and look at the numbers (the four in the middle) and compare them to your bills. If you don't receive paper bills (which you shouldn't!), Pepco has everything online. Look at the rates per kil hour each month and make sure the rate is the same from one month to the next. If you find a discrepency, that is the time to contact Pepco.

It's been a super cold winter. My bill quadroopled. The rates did not change significantly, and Pepco's meter readings were accurate. Such is life.

Lindsey, Bloomingdale Ct.