Tuesday, March 16, 2010

U Street NW resident falls into wet concrete

See this message from a U Street NW resident:

I fell into half a foot of wet concrete in front of Big Bear Cafe at lunch today because someone didn't mark the "don't walk" sign anywhere. Although I'm responsible for carelessly and hastily walking in the concrete, it wasn't something I ordinarily think about.

Please let the neighborhood know to be careful walking around because they might ruin all of their favorite clothes and shoes like I did. Construction Workers are a red flag.


Also, I was walking on a crosswalk. What genius decided to forget the "do-not-walk-in-front-of-this" sign?!


Anonymous said...

Were you texting while you were walking?

El said...

this is one of the lamest posts yet! keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

One time... at band camp... "we all lost our music and we were supposed to play this song, but we didn't know it, so we just made it up and we kept playing and playing and the conductor didn't know what we were doing and it was so funny."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, and I think the other responses are inappropriate. Having fallen while walking in an open area, without obstacles, and not texting at the time, I appreciate the heads up and would have appreciated the sign also.

Max said...

I think the above anonymous post is inappropriately calling others inappropriate when in fact the above is the most inappropriate of all!

Max, Bates St

Anonymous said...

Max, you're a twat. The posts ARE inappropriate. She/He could have seriously been hurt and the best you compassionate people can come up with is a bunch of nonsense. Please go back to VA where you belong.

Sean Hennessey said...

woah. looks like others didnt notice either:

Lindsey said...

Thank you, Scenic. That's the best thing I've seen all day.

(On another note, "Twat" is not an insult.)

Max said...

Anonymous haters mean I'm doing something right.
What is living in VA like? Never tried it.

The problem with this post is the lack of
photographic evidence. The unfortunate picture of a truck in this hole is much better Internet!

Unfortunately when this construction concludes the water won't have so much delicious plumbous. (sp?)

Anonymous said...


This is what happened.