Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wine Tasting & Art Opening at Big Bear Cafe -- Friday, April 2

See this 3/29/2010 message from local artist and Bloomingdale resident Lenora Yerkes regarding an event at Big Bear Cafe this Friday, April 2, coordinated by 52 O Street Studios resident artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer:

Friday, April 2nd
Wine Tasting and Art Opening
6pm – midnight
Trade Winds Spanish Wineries
O Street Studios

at Big Bear Cafe

This Friday, April 2nd, the Big Bear Cafe will be hosting artists from the 52 O Street Studios for an opening evening reception of their work. Fifteen artists will be exhibiting at the Big Bear, preceding their April 24-25 open house. 52 O Street is a local artist collective that has housed inner-city working artists for the last 32 years. They are fantastic.

Also, during the reception Trade Winds Spanish Wineries, headed by Bloomingdale resident Estebe Salgado Agirreazaldegi, will offer wine tastings to the neighborhood as we solicit community feedback on the potential wines for the BBC's expanding menu. Estebe imports from select family wineries in his native Basque region of Spain.
It will be a beautiful evening and the cherry blossoms will be blooming inside and out. We hope to see you there.

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