Sunday, March 07, 2010

request for contractor advice & referral

From a LeDroit Park resident on 3rd Street NW.

We are looking for a couple of things. First, recommendation on type of home repair assistance -- we are not sure if we need a contractor, or a plumber, or a jack-of-all-trades, or all of those? And second, we would like some referrals to people who have done good work in the neighborhood. Our issues: first, it seems we have a leaky heating vent, that's caused damage to part of our ceiling. We think we would talk to a plumber/heating/HVAC person, but assume they would not fix the small part of the ceiling that is damaged. And second, we need to get some concrete in the back releveled so rain water goes into the alley not against our and and our neighbor's ouse. Our question: who would I talk to, could we get one person to deal with it all, which would be ideal? We've had some spotty experience with contractors lately, and would appreciate some insight from other householders. Names of contractors and/or specialists in plumbing and concrete would be greatly appreciated! Alison, aaraab [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Stacey said...

I highly recommend Magnolia Plumbing at 202-829-8510. I recommend Phil at 301-906-1886 for small jobs.

Anonymous said...

Definitely do not hire Hybilt Contracting (Jared Young) he is a scam artist.

Merry Alderman Ritsch said...

I would highly recommend FOUR BROTHERS. They did some great built-in book shelves for us.
2617 Myrtle Ave NE
Washington DC 20018
Telephone: (202) 423-8703

Mark said...

If you want a one-man-band general contractor, I highly recommend Paul. His particular area is fitting kitchens, bathrooms and carpentry but he can turn his hand to most things (he fitted windows, HVAC and did welding work for me as well as bathroom, kitchen and ceilings). He subcontracts electrics and plumbing but will supervise and coordinate the work. He's reliable and honest and will deliver the project on-time.

His phone number is 703 402 6177 or you can contact him by email at

Mark (U Street resident)

Caryn said...

Thanks Scott, I encourage people to post their recs over at the BACA blog too.

Anonymous said...

Like the first comment, I would HIGHLY recommend Magnolia Plumbing as well. They were very professional and offered me good rates when I had my Furnace replaced. I know if I needed help on any additional HVAC or plumbing related work, I would call them first. They are very trustworthy and don't putz around at all. Plus they offer you a writen proposal/contract before they leave.

As far as concrete work, I don't have any recommendations. I typically have done work related to concrete myself. Magnolia might have some references though. Plus they might do some light repairs in regards to drywall...

Flagler Pl NW Resident.

Tee Mann said...

Anyone know a landscape designer who likes small yard design?

Mason said...

Tyrone Lee is a great painter, for work inside or out. He's reasonable, does good work, and is very responsible. To keep in mind after the more immediate emergencies are under control.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone Lee contact info: 202 213 5370

Amanda said...

Our contractor of choice is John Garces, who owns Hopeday Improvements ( He is a great guy who does all kinds of jobs big and small.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend a good tile person? I have some thin brick that I would like to have installed to create an "exposed brick" wall. Per the manufacturer, this can be installed by anyone who can lay tile.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend someone who can install crown moulding? There is nothing worse than a botched crown moulding job!

Alison said...

I'm the person who originally asked about this -- here are the responses I got:

- Mike Reid, plumber (202) 577-1114; we went with him because he was able to come immediately, in the evening, we found we had another problem that needed immediate fixing. He was great, very helpful, and he charged less to fix what we had our previous contractor pretend to fix. [rec by 2nd & W resident]

Contractors: [we have yet to contact any, holding off just now]
- Chris Dietz, Dietz Development, 202-213-3131, whom I contacted of my own accord after finding him listed on one of these listservs. He wrote "Please feel free to contact me anytime. I am actually at a job site now, 306 Rhode Island Ave NE, which I am completing a full rehab of the 2 flat(unit) row house. I can show you the house as well as several other projects we have done over the years."

- Corey Thompson, of K and C Builders, Inc. From the recommender: "We just finished a two-month renovation of a home that included a jack-of-all-trades contractors who finished pretty much on budget and pretty much on time, which are major pluses. I would recommend him, while also giving you some cautions so you don't repeat some small mistakes that we did. He did not do everything perfectly and did not to everything right the first time but he did get everything done in a very short-time frame. Our work involved concrete, a new kitchen, replacing a roof, gutters and skylights, some plumbing (new hot water heater), some electrical work (adding switches and getting to the bottom of a problem left by the previous owner) and also getting two gas fireplaces running. He came recommended from Coldwell Banker, Inc., and we picked him from three people who offered proposals. His number is 202-320-2287 and his E-mail is

- milos 15712015284 of midas construction

- Ulisses, contractor - (571) 238-7305 [rec by 2nd & W resident]

- DRF Contractors,Roy Frank. "my contractor (also a jack-of-all-trades) is fabulous - I recommend him highly. he's worked for me for more than ten years and his work has always been excellent. 301 831 3155 (you have to dial a 1 if you're on a landline - he's out near Damascus, i think)"

- Antonio Decampos "He is fast, great prices, and does top notch work. He did a bunch of things for us in December and we are definitely having him come back this spring for more work. If you are not satisfied, he fixes it until you are. GREAT! You can call him directly at 202-207-5178. Let me know if you have any questions"

- John C. Moody III | THOMAS ARCHER LLC "I have been with this contractor for about 3 years or more. He has performed small and big jobs for us. Feel free to look at the garage he built us in the back. Hopefully I can schedule him again this summer. You will like his work………………..Believe me, I have had my share of “so called” contractors." phone (202)723-1455 Mobile (202) 422-4408 fax (202) 330-5250 [rec by Flagler Place resident]