Thursday, March 18, 2010

seeking locksmith recommendations

From a resident of R Street NW:

We are seeking locksmith recommendations. We live in Bloomingdale and need someone to install a doorknob and change several locks throughout the house.


LocoViking said...

I have used and feel comfortable recommending Executive Lock and Key.
2003 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
(703) 415-0000

Anonymous said...

Pop a Lock is a company used by AARP Road Service. They do house locks

Anonymous said...

I had two very good experiences with the services of The Lock Doctor, Steve Nejelski, at 1-202-232-6806, website is On one occasion, I had locked myself out and he got the door open without having to drill or do anything that would have caused damage (which another locksmith said would have to be done). And, another time, he installed a new bolt lock and doorknob. As we chatted, he mentioned that he was going to take a specialized class up in New Jersey in opening old safes (to help with commercial work he does). I got the sense that he takes his craft seriously! Also, he didn't charge an arm and a leg.
Jennifer from V Street

Anonymous said...

as first time home buyers, we've discovered that there are many unscrupulous home-related business. locksmiths might be the worst of them all. we attempted to stay local, so we searched online within our zip. we went through about 10 locksmith companies, but was forced to send them away. i get the feeling that the locksmith business might be unregulated. it was quite frustrating to deal with rude and unprofessional "locksmiths." i even asked few of them if they had professional certificates, which none of them could provide or even offered at their "central dispatch." many of them were also pushy. one guy even became angry when i turned down his service after his outrageous offer and insisted that i needed to pay him for just showing up, despite the fact that their website stated free onsite quotes. we would have had our usual building handyman install our deadbolt for a fee but due to its hightech components, we had to call the manufacture to get recommendations. finally, a professional courteous locksmith came to our condo from the commonwealth. we recommend Baldino's Lock & Key (google their website). he wasn't pushy, actually wore a uniform and was willing to provide credentials and provided a competitive offer for his service that did not change every five minutes. we only had one time visit experience with them but it was much better than the local business within the 20001 zip. i wish we would have heard about the two previous recommendations if it's accurate. some of the google reviews on the 10 companies i went through were as diverse as the offers we received.

Anonymous said...

I had a great experience with Barry's Locksmith

Jenna on Adams

beverly said...

I have used Budget Lock, a family owned business for many years on Florida Avenue right after Catholic U. Mr. and Mrs. Najiy own the business and can be reached at 202-399-0864

Jessie said...

When it comes to locksmith city services, one of the prerequisites is to hire a reliable and competent locksmith to avoid risking the security of your home or business.

Locksmithincollegeparkmd said...

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