Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Clementina Russo's dinner menus for this week at Big Bear Cafe

See this message from Big Bear`s Clementina Russo:

Monday - 10/03/2011

I. Pork shoulder braised in apple cider with apples, red onions and potatoes. Turnips and turnip greens braised in butter and white wine. $13
II. Peasant's Purse: sauteed Swiss chard with an egg over easy and crumbled feta, served with rustic Italian bread. $11

Tuesday - 10/04/2011
I. Lamb chops in red wine jus. Marinated kale salad. $14
II. Fried eggplant and sweet pepper stew atop Israeli couscous, dollop of black pepper ricotta. $12

HoboHumpdayWednesday - 10/05/2011
I. Soup! Winter squash soup with savoy cabbage and Borlotti beans. $12
II. Salad! Curly and Belgian endive, with shallots, toasted walnuts, poached egg, mustard vinaigrette. $10
Rustic Italian bread and Cowgirl Creamery cheese for both menus.

Thursday, with a Bang - 10/06/2011
I. Seared blue marlin steaks with olive oil and lemon juice, sauteed kale. $12
II. Pasta agghiu ogghiu. Leafy green salad with lemon dressing. $10


DMarx said...

This is excellent! Is there a place I can see this posted weekly?

Stu said...


I'm really enjoying eating at the cafe lately. They are doing an excellent job.

You can see the menu posted at our website:

There should be some photos soon as well.