Monday, October 31, 2011

tonight! Parker Flats annual free Halloween Haunted House


The Parker Flats Condo Association is pleased to announce that we are holding our annual Haunted House for kids of all ages on October 31 at 2035 2nd St. NW at the corner of 2nd and Elm Street NW.

The doors open and the screaming begins promptly at 6:30pm and the event will die off with the last bodies being admitted at 9:00pm sharp!!!

Last year over 300 people came through and were never heard from again…this year we are hoping for even MORE bodies to feed upon. Our theme this year is pure “insanity” and you do not want to miss out! There is no cost to come and enjoy and we will have scary elevator rides, escaped mental patients, chainsaw murderers, free electroshock treatments, ghouls, apples with razor blades in them, psych ward doctors, and torture of all shapes and sizes…oh yeah we have free candy/refreshments too!

Of course all are welcome regardless of where you live so please feel free to spread the word to anyone and everyone. Again this event it totally FREE for anyone who want to come and have the daylights scared out of them!!!

So spread the word and come on out to enjoy this terrific event which has now become a neighborhood tradition. We truly are dying to see you all!!!

Coldest Regards,

The Parker Flats Condo Owners
2035 2nd St. NW

For more info or to make a donation to this event please email .

(Donations are appreciated but not necessary and can be made via cash, check, Visa, MC, Discover, and spare body parts of course!!!)

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