Thursday, October 27, 2011

Q: "What are Bloomingdale`s Halloween traditions?"

A neighborhood parent has asked to have these neighorhood Halloween questions posted:

  • What are Bloomingdale`s Halloween traditions?

  • Do the kids Trick or Treat on Monday? From when to when?

  • How many kids can you expect?

  • If the weather is nice, are people out on their stoops, or do kids have to go to the door?

  • Or do kids take off and go to another neighborhood?


Ryan Eades said...

This year will be our fifth Halloween in Bloomingdale. Our first year, our door got knocked on twice - once by a 5 year old in costume with a parent, the other by two 14 year-olds in flannel shirts and jeans with pillow cases expecting candy by barely saying "trick or treat."

The last couple of years we've gotten 10 or 12 knocks on the door all by legitimate trick-or-treating kids.

It has always happened on the day of Halloween, yes. Timing-wise, it's what you'd expect - a little after dark (6:30ish) until 9 or 9:30. By 10pm we close our door and windows.

A couple things we do to make sure parents know it's safe to come to our house to trick-or-treat are keep our gate open and our front inside door open so you can see though the full view storm door. We also have a little "trick-or-treat" garden flag we post in the ground in the front of our yard and we light candles.

Looking forward to our 2.5 year old's first experience trick-or-treating this year and hopefully getting closer to two dozen or more knocks on the door!

Happy Halloween all!

Emily said...

We are also working to start a new tradition at Parker Flats (2035 2nd St. NW) with our second annual Haunted House.

The free Haunted House will be open from 6:30-9:00pm on the 31st, and we'll have small games, candy and refreshments in the courtyard as well for those who don't want to be scared. The police will be present and last year it was a fun place to spend the evening.

We'll hope you'll stop by!