Wednesday, October 19, 2011

McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) meeting – Thursday, 10-20-2011

See this message passed along by ANC 5C04 Commissioner John Salatti:

Hello Community MAG members,

Just a friendly reminder of our next MAG meeting on Thursday, October 20th, 7pm, at St. George`s Episcopal Church, 2nd & U Streets NW.

The Agenda will be devoted entirely to a review and discussion of the draft PUD application. Invited guests are VMP and Jeff Miller (DMPED`s Real Estate Office). I have also asked them to provide the listed information requested by the members.

Although this is a meeting for the community (voting) MAG members, all residents are welcome to attend.

Look forward to seeing you!

Gwen Southerland

Requested Information from the city per our last meeting:

We need specificity in providing more information on the Community

Benefits Package (CBP) that was *not* included in the PUD Application, dated

July 25, 2011. It is my understanding that the CBP was submitted to the city and VMP by MAG approximately two years ago. I have also been advised that the CBP is required by DC law to be included in the PUD Application to the Zoning Commission (ZC). It would be extremely helpful if VMP could address this issue, in particular its exclusion from the PUD.

It would be very helpful if your office or VMP could provide 15 hard copies of the draft PUD Application for the voting community members of MAG.

Can you please provide more information on the plan for the grocery store? Mr. Jackson informed us at the last MAG meeting, that the grocery store is to be developed in Phase Two of the proposed plan. Needless to say, this was distressing information since the majority of the community would welcome a grocery store. Please provide a list of grocers that the VMP and/or the city has engaged, and the outcome(s).

The members have also asked for any and all market analysis and demographic studies conducted by VMP or the city.


Anonymous said...

Do you think you could provide a legend for the acronyms used? It seems only MAG was spelled out. Thanks! (sorry, seems a lot of people are new to the area and may not know all of this yet!)

Gwen Southerland said...

PUD - Planned Unit Development. See Office of Planning (OP) for more information. Also, DC Municipal Regulations, starting with Section 2400.1.

VMP - Vision McMillan Partners. This is the proposed development team, comprised of EYA Construction of Bethesda, Maryland and Jair Lynch, Inc. of DC and architectural and landscape firms.

CBP - Community Benefits Package

ZC - Zoning Commission

DMPED - Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development

Hope this helps a little bit.

Gwen Southerland