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Bloomingdale Farmers Market: corn and melons and tomatoes

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Subject: BFM: corn and melons and tomatoes

Hi BFM Friends:

Yes, we have more corn and lots of tomatoes.   The heat sweetens the tomatoes and peaches -- tastes of summer.

We will have the other summer crops:  peaches, blueberries,  raspberries, blackberries, currants, eggplants, lots of summer squash, many kinds of  green peppers, spring onions, sausages, ribs, chops, bacon, breads.

Look for:

  • Watermelon -- first of the watermelon at Garner and don't miss those cantaloupes and green fleshed melons.
  • Lots of different berries for jammers including the sought after black raspberries
  • The gooseberries are tart raw but they make a great salsa verde if you use them instead of tomatillos.
  • Italian Gazpacho, anyone?  Daniele made his Florentine version and likes to top it with m some cheese flavored with chives or garish.  Put a jar in the fridge for an hour and forget it is 90 degrees.
  • Padron peppers at Mountain View.
  • Beautiful ruffled kale and chard at Truck Patch.
  • Don't feel like cooking?  Place Pasta into boiling water.  It takes just 2-4 minutes after the water boils.  Cucina has the sauces too. Whisked quiches rewarm in just a few minutes in the oven. 
  • Eat fresh fruit salad -- just how many different peaches and berries can you get into one salad?  
  • Slice tomatoes and cukes and sprinkle with olive oil, toss chopped herbs over them.

Music:  Yes, Jason has arranged for our music!

At the stands:

REID: Peaches this week  BERRY SEASON continues: Blueberries, blackberries, red and black raspberries, currants (they add a great, tart pop to green salads.  First of the season’s apples; Light green Lodi for applesauce

WHISKED: Jenna says;

"But you know we like to put a twist on the classics! Sticking with tradition, we roast each type of vegetable (zucchini, eggplant, sun-dried tomato) separately so they retain their shape and, more importantly, their unique flavor. Then we mix the vegetables, along with some mozzarella cheese, into our creamy quiche filling. Pour into a flaky crust, bake, and voilà! A tasty, French-inspired ratatouille quiche."

  Plus Peach, Blueberry, Apple, Peach-Rasberry. Lots of cookies which also make lovely dinner gifts.

NUMBER 1 SONS:  Stephanie has about 20 different pickles, krauts, curtidos, kimchis. salsas, pickled beets and pickled Garner beans and lots of other creatively cured vegetables.  Kombucha too.  Very refreshing on a hot day.

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Certified Organic. Tomatoes!  Cherry tomatoes, baby leeks to grill, garlic, new potatoes to steam and butter and parsley,  lavender, basil, Italian flat leaf parsley, mixed hot pepper pints. Summer squash. Shishito peppers to saute. Shallots, Onions, Carrots (make carrot pesto from the greens),lots of head lettuce ( butterhead romaine and summer crisp) kales, lots of collards, beets and greens,  lavender, mint, oregano, scallions, bok choi, mustards greens.

GARNER:  Corn, corn, corn! Melons, melons, melons. More red and heirloom tomatoes from the fields.  Eggplant. Green peppers!Zucchini, yellow squash, Bonita, Golden Zucchini, Patty Pan, Cucumbers. Candy Onion bunches, Swiss Chard, beets and greens, lettuce mix, Sugar Snap Peas,Kales, Green beans, White sweet Japanese turnips and greens, Cabbages, Carrots.  Potatoes: red, white, yukons. First okra.

CUCINA AL VOLO:   Matteo, Daniele (and Rolando) create Florence in DC: fresh pastas and fresh filled pastas, authentic sauces and soups.  Of course you want a pasta salad and Daniele can tell you the best way to create one.  Pasta is the best fast food.  Some prepared dishes like Pork shank Ossobucco and Chicken Marsala that will be at their new restaurant and their stand.

The pastas cook in less than 4 minutes and they are gorgeous.  Smoked paprika orange fettucine, deep purple beet fusili, ravioli stuffed with homemade burrata.....Pasta and a salad make a light, elegant lunch or dinner.  In about 4 minutes. Perfect for a hot day. 

Panorama: French bakers from Brittany bake us baguettes, croissants, sourdoughs, whole wheat, whole grains, breakfast pastries and a huge tent of baked goodies.

TRUCK PATCH: Famous for their pastured pork (get that bacon) and and greens.  Summer squash, cakes, basil, Spinach, chard, mesclun, arugula. Beets. Check our facebook page for a video with Stacia.

KESWICK CREAMERY:  The Spring Milk has created very very creamy cheeses this year.  I have been oohing and aaahing over them.  Lesher, Vermeer, the new Cider Hill, you cannot go wrong.  The yogurt is required eating with every bowl of berries.  Now that we have tons of cucumbers, you have to make cucumber yogurt soup because it is so elegant, so cool, so refreshing and so so so easy. 

Robin , Teds,  Danielle

Robin Shuster


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