Sunday, July 24, 2016

watermelon season starts today Sunday at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market

From: "Markets & More"
Subject: Watermelon Season Starts Today Sunday at BFM
Date: July 24, 2016 at 8:02:40 AM EDT

Chill them and forget it is nearly 100 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Watermelon season has arrived as you can see above.  This week I think you should just cut them into slices or chunks and enjoy them because they are so refreshing after a quick stay in the fridge...but next week we will talk about recipes including  Dino's Grotto's watermelon gazpacho.

Jonathan just before a mycolumbia mushroompalooza at his kitchen

Jonathan Bardzik, our fave Chef at Market, is here today with 4 new recipes :  he may be starting early around 9:30 to beat the heat.

  • Black currant barbecue sauce over Japanese eggplant
  • Cantaloupe and sautéed oyster mushroom salad with cheese
  • MIcrogreen, heirloom tomato and soft cheese bruschetta on pan toasted bread
  • Green salad with peaches
  • Corn and bacon salsa
BIKE HOUSE will be here from 11-1.

MUSIC from 10-12.

Yiwah Pickle man
Yiwah Pickle Man setting up for market.

NUMBER 1 SONS is at Peak Pickle.  Caitlin writes:" It's hot out there. Pickles will cool you down!

Pickle jokes aside, we'll have 7 varieties of cucumber pickles this weekend. We're in the height of WV cucumber season. Thanks Eli at Spring Valley + his crew for picking such nicely sized pickles! We try to get the smaller sized cucumbers so we can fit more in your container. We had a cucumber excess again so we have another small batch of our Red N Butters, sweet vinegar pickles.

Kombucha is very delicious this week! If you're a big kombucha drinker -- we offer 4 bottles for $10, after your initial $4 bottle deposits."

TIP: The kombuchas make terrific iced pops.

MYCOLUMBIA MUSHROOMS is at Bloomingdale this week.  They come every other week. If you have not oiled a few of those large Pearl Oyster Mushrooms and thrown them on the grill, you are missing one of the region’s best dishes.  And they are grown a mile away in the Union Arts Building on New York Avenue by two Eckingtonians and a Bloomingdalian.  That’s hyperlocal.  Also, saute the golden and Italian oyster mushrooms and scatter some mint on them.

LITTLE WILD THINGS: Mary’s dozens of micro greens grow in the basement of the Pub and People, so they are the most local of our local products.

WHISKED: Market  only: Blueberry Pie, Chocolate Almond Raspberry Pie.  Plus Apple, Peach-Rasberry. Quiches for brunch: Kale and Feta Cheese, Bacon, Cheddar and Onion, Ratatouille Quiche.   Lots of cookies which also make lovely dinner gifts. Samples abound.  Large and small pies and quiches.

KESWICK: Yogurt cools down a hot day whether you make an iced yogurt drink like Lassi or mix it with berries or melon chunks.  Keswick has the best yogurt in the region.  Really. Cucumber yogurt soup is very easy-- just dice or grate a few cukes with some garlic and yogurt.  I like to process all this with some walnuts too.  Top with a bit of olive oil and some mint. Serve chilled -- so refreshing.  Greek Salad time: Keswick feta with tomatoes and cucumbers.

REID: Gorgeous white and yellow peaches, luscious berries, summer apples.  blueberries, red and black raspberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, yellow peaches, white peaches, white nectarines.

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Certified Organic. Tomatoes!  Shishito and Padron peppers to saute.  Hot peppers, Shallots, Onions, Carrots (make carrot pesto from the greens), lots of head lettuce ( butterhead romaine and summer crisp) kales, lots of collards, beets and greens,  lavender, mint, oregano, scallions, bok choi, mustards greens, summer squash and cut herbs including Greek Oregano which loves cooked greens.

GARNER:  Corn, corn, corn Yellow and Bicolor. ! Lots of heirlooms and cherry tomatoes, mixed red.  Eggplant of all kinds. Green peppers!Zucchini, yellow squash, Bonita, Golden Zucchini, Patty Pan, Cucumbers. Candy Onion bunches, Swiss Chard, beets and greens, lettuce mix, Green and Yellow beans. Okra.,Kales, White sweet Japanese turnips and greens, Cabbages, Carrots.  Potatoes: red, white, yukons. First okra.

CUCINA AL VOLO:   Matteo, Daniele (and Rolando) create Florence in DC: fresh pastas and fresh filled pastas, authentic sauces and soups.  Of course you want a pasta salad and Daniele can tell you the best way to create one.  Pasta is the best fast food.

The pastas cook in less than 4 minutes and they are gorgeous.  Smoked paprika orange fettucine, deep purple beet fusili, ravioli stuffed with homemade burrata.....Pasta and a salad make a light, elegant lunch or dinner.  In about 4 minutes. Perfect for a hot day. On the 14th street Side of the market.   Try the Italian "Gazpacho."

PANORAMA:  Remember to get some bread for gazpacho. French bakers from Brittany bake us baguettes, croissants, sourdoughs, whole wheat, whole grains, breakfast pastries and a huge tent of baked goodies.  On the 14th Street Side of the market.

TRUCK PATCH: Famous for their pastured pork (get that bacon) and and greens.  Spinach, chard, mesclun, arugula. Beets. Check our facebook page for a video with Stacia.  Watch out for their heirloom tomatoes

Have a good market -- and go early to escape the heat.  Drink cold cider or cold kombucha while you shop.  Get watermelon and cool them down.  Make gazpacho or cucumber soup -- very refreshing after they spend an hour in the fridge.

Robin from afar, Teds and Danielle

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