Friday, January 27, 2017

another McMillan zoning meeting with VMP and DMPED -- Monday, 01-30-2017

Can you keep up?


Daniel in brookland said...

"The DC Court of Appeals vacated the Zoning approval, and two Mayor's Agent
approvals on Special Merit, Demolition and Subdivision. The DC govt and it's collusion with Vision McMillan Partners planned to section up the "protected" historic site like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Friends of McMillan won in court, so where is that info? This is the biggest land theft since the Dutch stole Manhattan from The Lenape, in 1626, for 60 Guilders and a
bag of trinkets. Debbie Steiner and anyone else can participate in this in-appropriate DC govt farce meeting, and manipulative delusion and denial, all they want. Fine, I call this corruption.

I would invite Washingtonians who believe our children are healthier when they have large outdoor green space to bike, and play, a place for concerts and Glen Echo arts/performance campus, then please help Save McMillan Park.
Don't reward the DC govt who cynically fenced it off for 30 years for the developers to get their hands on it.

The VMP plan will bring 31,000 motor vehicles on top of existing 38,000 every day, and 24,000 daily mass transit users will require 600 buses a day.
But,, we truly walk and bike to parks. So we'll walk to a DC Wolf Trap for
summer concerts outdoors with sunset vistas on our public park, and 20 acres of urban agriculture hidden in the sand filtration cells underground.

Just stop your reps, McDuffie, Bowser, Mendelson, Bonds, Grosso they are solidly bought off to this massive transfer of public wealth to private developer profits, $billions!"”

Unknown said...

The information that is being used against the McMillan Project is so filled with fiction that it borders on the absurd. First, this small but vocal group DOES NOT speak for the greater community. The opposite is the case. They do not care about children playing in a park! Their agenda is selfish and idealogically-driven. Anyone who has lived here over the years realizes what a wasteland this area has been and what the potential and future benefit of the project really is for this part of the city . I hope that our neighbors once again make their voices heard in support of this important and very long overdue project to move forward and not be once-again derailed for the next decade! THAT is their real goal. They could care less about our community or our children.

Melz said...

I care about air pollution. I care about green spaces. Those are real transit numbers and there is real documentation about the city's no-competitive bid with developers along with them hiring a PR firm to sell this bad plan to the neighborhood. Where are your contract facts? Do you disagree with the court? Those opposed may not represent our whole community but we are here and we have been ignored by D.C. and VMP. And if your a neighbor, why hide behind "unknown" while making unsubstantiated claims?

MLD said...

600 buses per day would be around a bus every 5 minutes during peak period going north, south, east, and west. Transit riders in the neighborhood (there are lots of us!) want that frequent service. And frequent service will encourage more people to use transit rather than driving.

"we have been ignored by D.C. and VMP"
Disagree - the current plan is much improved from the original plans and that is due to community pushback.

What is the improved alternative here? Because an underground hydroponic farm as some people have proposed is not realistic or beneficial to anyone. The current site is not useful as a park without being partially/mostly demolished - you can't plant trees on it, for example.

Daniel in brookland said...

please correct any information that is not accurate. Please have all the majority of the community who support the theft of McMillan, to demonstrate that support. Back up anything you are saying "unknown" with facts, names, thanks.

Daniel in brookland said...

Coalition for Smarter Growth is funded by the developer. Cheryl Cort has been almost theonly supporter of the "monstrosity on Michigan Ave" to repeatedly testify. Where is all the support Mat? do you work with Coalition for Smarter Growth, the smallest coalition in the world.
Please backup every one of your assertions with facts, research, anything more than a paid gun blabbering.