Friday, January 27, 2017

from NextDoor Bloomingdale: "Thieves climbing out of cars to steal packages off your porch" (watch the video)

From NextDoor Bloomingdale:

Thieves climbing out of cars to steal packages off your porch
Austin                                                        from Bloomingdale · 1h ago
Passenger climbed out of a tan suburban in the middle lane of traffic on Florida Ave at R St, ran up on my front porch, grabbed a package and ran down the street.
Watch it here:

Any information/anonymous tips:
(202) 727-9099 Ref Police Report #17-015311.
I have reported this information to the police.

Description of person involved – Hair: Wore a ski hat, Top: Black Jacket, Bottom: Jeans, Shoes: White sneakers, Age: Mid-30's?, Build: Slender/Average, Sex: Male

Description of vehicle involved – Color: Tan, Type: Suburban

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