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time to start planning the 2017 Bloomingdale Civic Association House Tour -- and we are seeking volunteers!

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and we are seeking VOLUNTEERS! 

The Bloomingdale Civic Association (BCA) sponsors a biennial fundraising House Tour -- one of the BEST in DC!  This event will be held in October  2017, with proceeds used primarily for college scholarships for youth who either attend schools serving Bloomingdale and/or live in Bloomingdale. 

The Tour event provides the public the opportunity to become familiar with some of Bloomingdale's architectural gems and their varied interior design and up-to-date renovations, the neighborhood's rich history and heritage, its village-like character, and its businesses and heritage trail.  You, your friends and family will love it!

The Tour is an all-day event featuring:  A Signature Program Book with photos and descriptions of Tour houses, and information on Bloomingdale's history/heritage and businesses; Design Workshops conducted by Bloomingdale architects and designers; and a fabulous (but thoroughly welcoming) Art Show and Reception featuring some of Bloomingdale's leading artists with their works available for sale -- and more!  (NOTE: to see a former house tour Program, go to

This year's history section of the Program Book will focus on 'Arts and culture' .  So we are especially eager to  have volunteers eager to delve into this aspect of Bloomingdale history.   The Tour's subcommittees include:  Program Book (organizing, drafting, photography, editing), House solicitation & monitoring, Ticket sales, Ad sales, Corporate & foundation grantsmanship, Promotion/publicity, Design workshops,  Art show & Reception, and Bloomingdale history.

The 2017 BCA House Tour Committee will hold its first meeting on WEDNESDAY, FEB.  1st AT 7 PM  AT MY HOME-- 49 T ST., NW.  If you are interested in:
  • Joining the 2017 House Tour Committee and one of its subcommittees
  • Attending the Committee's Feb. 1 meeting
  • Putting your house on tour
please RSVP at bhollidaypsy@gmail.com

I look  forward to hearing from you !

Bertha Holliday
Chair, 2017 BCA House Tour Committee ​

Bertha G., Holliday, PhD & Associates, LLC
Independent Consultant (Diversity Assessment, Planning, Implementation & Evaluation)
49 T Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Co- Director
Bloomingdale Village Square Project
"Building Community Identity & Sense of Place"

Commissioner, ANC 5E07
Washington, DC

Fellow, American Psychological Association

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