Tuesday, January 24, 2017

special Bloomingdale-specific zoning proposed as an alternative to neighborhood Historic District designation at last night's Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting

Last night's Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting held at St. George's Episcopal Church was very well attended. 

The Bloomingdale Civic Association Historic Preservation Committee provided its results to the community.

The presentation materials from last night's Bloomingdale Civic Association will be made available sometime soon.  Stay tuned.

Executive summary: The Bloomingdale Civic Association's Historic Preservation Committee recommended the pursuit of neighborhood-specific zoning regulations, similar to what was developed and implemented for Georgetown.

So the BCA HP Committee offered a zoning solution as opposed to a Historic District solution.

Again, stay tuned for the presentation materials to be posted soon.

Thanks to the BCA Historic Preservation Committee for its hard work.

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