Saturday, October 23, 2010

? any info about a fire on the unit block of T Street NW?

See this message from a resident of S Street NW:

There appears to have been a fire on the unit block of T NW, likely #14, right next to the alley close to North Capitol St NW.

Earlier in the week, the alley was blocked off with debris and the house is now boarded up. It looks like it may have also affected #16.

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused. What exactly is the resident wanting to know? There was indeed a fire on T street in the house next to the alley. There was some damage to the neighboring house but the response was quick and the fire was put down in a relatively short time. I know that at least one news station showed up, so you could probably find some basic information about the fire online. Here's some basic info:

Mat on North Capitol