Monday, October 04, 2010

Halloween Haunted House at Parker Flats on Sunday, 10-31-2010

See this 10/04/2010 message from Parker Flats resident Mike Fine:

Are you ready to get schooled? Well grab your costumes and bring the kids to the first annual Bloomingdale Haunted School House hosted by the owners of Parker Flats at Gage School. On Sunday, October 31st, from 6-8pm children of all ages are welcome to come enjoy our free haunted house at located at 2035 2nd St. NW.

There will be scary characters, games, and goody bags for the little ones who are brave enough to survive the freakishly scary attractions contained inside our building!!! All children must be accompanied by an adult and there will be plenty of fun for the parents too. This is not limited to just Bloomingdale either so if you have friends with small children who live in and around DC they are welcome to stop by for a spell regardless of where they live. The indoor haunted house and goody bag distribution will happen regardless of the weather but outdoor games and some other elements may not happen if it is raining. We are working hard to put on a great show and we know anyone who comes by will love every minute of the creepy fun!!! So come on by 6-8pm on Halloween Night and get ready to be schooled...and scared!!!


Jeanine said...

Is this something that is really geared for children? I love a good haunted house, but if I don't have a nine-year-old in tow, would I feel completely out of place? Is there really anything for groups of childless adults at this haunted house, or is it really just intended for families?

If I am not this event's intended audience, does anyone have any recommendations for a more adult-appropriate haunted house in the area?

Emily said...


The event is geared towards children- but you are more than welcome to come and we will do our best to scare you- or just have a good chance to meet your neighbors who are putting on the haunted house (most of whom are childless adults.) For a scarier experience I've heard Markoff's Haunted Forest in Maryland is creepy.

Hope to see you Sunday!