Tuesday, October 26, 2010

seeking nearby track open for running

See this request from a 1st Street NW resident:

I`m a Bloomingdale resident on the 1800 block of North Capitol, and I am hoping to find a track open for running anywhere in the area. Is there access to the McKinley High School, Dunbar High School or the Howard tracks? Are there certain access points or hours? I walked to McKinley, but couldn`t find how to access the track.


Jenn T said...

I've found a track by Howard University (Georgia Ave and Barry Place, ironically located across from McDonald's) to be reliably open. The track circles a baseball field, but I'm pretty sure it's still 400m.

Margot said...

I second Jenn T's comment - Howard's track is open to all and is in good shape. *And* you can play a game of tennis afterwards, on the courts, or jump in the pool for a cooloff during the summer!

Anonymous said...

McKinly is accessible at the top of the bleachers. i've run there a bunch while football practice was going on. noone has ever said anything. the track usually has a bit of gravel and debris but otherwise sound. the other place to go, though not a track in the traditional sense, is the empty lot by Fed Ex distribution center. this is on the NE side by Eckington Place and Q st just below McKinley. i used to do a bunch of training there because it was the only place close where i could run with my dog while off leash. after a while i was not the only one running there. it's super soft, being grass and dirt - one lap is a third of a mile so it's a bit less repititive and it has some nice ups and downs which keep it fun too. there is a gate on the corner on eckington place. there are usually dog owners there milling about.