Thursday, October 28, 2010

guests beaten & robbed last night on the 1800 block of 2nd St NW

From a 2nd Street NW resident who was assaulted on this block before:

Last evening around 11pm, my guests, driving in from Baltimore, were just getting of their car, right under the street light opposite my home in the 1800 block of 2nd St NW. A ``person`` walked by them as they were getting out, turned around, hit my female guest in the neck & grabbed her bag, carrying credit cards, jewelry, my house keys etc. Her she fell down, and her husband came to her rescue, and was savagely beaten on the head with something (maybe a bottle) in a paper bag.

Police & ambulance were called - they were taken to the hospital. Tomorrow I will have to get my door locks changed AGAIN !!!! - this is getting very old. He is a Gospel preacher from Michigan, and visits the Churches in this area about every 3 months - very sad.

Update - my guests have now left (were going to stay through weekend) - said that they would think very seriously about visiting me again - At the hospital, they both were given MRI, and he had to have 3 stiches in his head.


Anonymous said...

Is it simply that I'm more aware of this activity due to this blog or has there actually been a growing number of these incidents in Bloomingdale? I walk, and my wife walks, alone on this very route every day/night to and from the metro. I have not in three + years been approached/assaulted. Yet now I'm afraid for my wife and unfortunately will start looking into alternatives and means of protection. When Baltimore residents are afraid to come to DC, something is not right. I'm sorry for your friends - I don't blame them for thinking twice about coming back - they must be rattled. Is it possible that any of the people who make up the constant presence at the BP could provide discriptions to the Police?

Anonymous said...

In the 2 years I've lived in Bloomingdale, I've never had a problem either. Although, as a native Washingtonian who lived in NYC for 10 years, I NEVER let my guard down. If someone is walking behind me, I'll turn around, look them dead in the eye (I see you, fool) and grip my keys like a weapon. Be aware of your surroundings and let people know on the street that you're looking out.

Anonymous said...

I must concur, I lived in Bloomingdale for 2 & a half years and have not had any problems,

There was only one night I was walking home from the Metro & I thought a man was following me. I immediately started walking in the street, closer to more light & slowed down enough to let him pass me.

Other than that nothing else except for the occassional person trying to make an unwanted pass at me, no one has approached me, or given me a reason to be scared.

joshuacarnes said...

These wastes-of-life will get the idea when the person they just tried robbing leaves them in a bloody pulp on the side of the road. It's the only thing they'll understand.

Make THEM scared of US, and they will go away.