Monday, October 25, 2010

seeking referrals for housecleaning service

See this request from a neighborhood resident:

I am seeking a recommendation or two for a good home cleaning service (i.e. 2x per month) in the neighborhood.



Greg (NJ Ave) said...

We have a fantastic person who cleans for us once per month. We have used her for 3-years and she is very reliable and does a great job on our place. I will send you a phone number if interested. She drives to the neighborhood and typically cleans our place on Saturday.

-The Purcells said...

I use Maid in DC. Pro: it is a comppany, so they are bonded, insured, and if one crew is on vacation, there is another crew to come by. Also, very affordable.
Con: they don't take keys, so you either have to be there or arrange to have them let in. This really hasn't been an issue for me, though, as I use the time to do laundry and file paperwork.

Email Kevin at, and tell him you were referred by Dina on 1ST ST.

Bloomily said...

I love my cleaner, Silvia. She's in Bloomingdale and Eckington several days a week and has some availability right now. Great with pets; very thorough. Have known her 5 years and consider her family. We use her every other week. She took on a third person to help her clean when the economy tanked--just to keep that person employed-- but she never raised our prices. She's a really good person. Her number is 703-485-5679 c.

Anonymous said...

What's the avaerage price? I have a 1 bdrm English basment & would like to get help twice a month. I feel like my space is pretty small and for the most part orderly. I do not want to be overcharged, any idea's on what's a reasonable amount?