Tuesday, October 12, 2010

seeking recommendation for moving & storage company for an antique church organ

See this message from a resident of R Street NW:

I have an antique church organ (family heirloom) that I would like to have securely boxed and stored. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good moving and storage company, or other suggestion for moving and storing this piece of furniture for a few years?


Anonymous said...

I would strongly recommend you consider Hassan, a neighbor, who owns his own moving company. I met Hassan about 5+ years ago when I first met him through work. I was working for a furniture company and he was our mover we used. Since then I have used him for multiple jobs. He's great, reliable, respectful and dependable. He can be reached at 202-277-1748

geazelle said...

You can look for a local storage units facility.