Friday, October 22, 2010

seeking referrals for roofing company

The perpetual referral request here – from a 1st Street NW household:

Do any of you have positive roofer recommendations? We are looking for a good roofing company or roofer for work on the flat roof of our building/home. If you have a recommendation please send to me (Liz) at bloomingdaledc @``

And post your referral commments here on the blog as well. Thanks.


elizabeth said...

I use Dale Bilo out of MD - 301-306-5449 - He was a recommendation from my home restoral company, and yesterday was the 2nd time he has done my roof in 10 years

Anonymous said...

Don't use Maggio - I was working with them and they recommended a bunch of unnecessary carpentry to the tune of several thousand dollars. Fortunately I know my carpentry and fired them pronto.

Shiner did a good epdm roof for me,but they are pricey. Jake at colonial roofing did an awesome copper food for me at a very good price. If you are considering metal, call him at 202-390-6958. You can see his work at 213 T... he did my porch roof.

Definitely don't use Maggio.


Anonymous said...

We used Maggio, and while they were not cheap, they did an excellent job. I looked at the lumber they needed to replace on my roof, and it was rotted.

Not refuting your story, but we liked them and had good referrals from neighbors...


Jennifer said...

I had a great experience with Keith Roofing. 202-486-7359 They also have high ratings on Angie's list. They are reasonably priced and they are an established company that stands by their work.

My neighbors had a terrible experience with Maggio -- stay away. Expensive and not as quality as its reputation would suggest.

Anonymous said...

My Maggio issue wasn't replacing rotten wood, it was additional carpentry they tried to make me do to support a built in gutter. The funny thing is that their on site foreman and I both agreed that the work wasn't needed, then the manager (Steve) came by and without discussing with anyone said I had to give them 2k more to get my roof done. I think he had a quota to meet or something.

I've done four roofs - call Jake @ colonial as he was the best by far. For what it's worth, he also did both the copper and the slate at the Anna Cooper house at 2nd and T.

If you do end up working with Steve, you can tell he's lying because his lips are moving.