Wednesday, October 13, 2010

seeking referrals for garden lights replacement

See this request:

Hi Everyone - I am endeavoring to replace my garden lights - I spent over 2 hours today to replace 2, injuring my hand in the process, and they don't work. If anyone can make a recommendation for someone to remove old and install new - there are 7 lights total - I would be most grateful. please e-mail me at Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth and Neighbors;
My partner Tom Noll is a professional landscape artist, green thumb gardener, garden light magic maker, interior coordinator and decorator and handyman extraordinaire.
Check out our nicely done home front yard (rebar and stone scuptures are his as is the shaping of the plants and design of diverse greens instead of regular grass)that is all his work with the wonderful low cost/maintenance lights. We do have also a very magical italian villa courtyard in the back with the most wonderful lightning that he designed and created.
We just got done with an expansion of the kitchen and upper room and aircondition installation, so we are cleaning the mess, but upon an appointment we can show you his work inside and outside the house.
He has great color sense, decorating instincts and quite magical senses to improve any garden and rooms in a home.

Anonymous said...

Sorry neighbors;
Trigger Happy! Forgot to give the Address of our home:
23 T Street NW (between 1st and North Capitol - north side - below Rhode Island Avenue)
Garden designer - Tom Noll