Monday, October 11, 2010

basement carpet odor

See this message from a LeDroit Park ressident:

My finished basement (with wall-to-wall carpeting) smells very funky... like B.O. but it's not B.O. It's flooded twice in the last two years, but has dried out quickly thanks to a wet vac and dehumidifier. I've noticed the odor in the last few months, can't see anything, and can't identify the source.

What kind of worker would I hire to help with this issue? Many thanks. Hoerrner @


Anonymous said...

get a utility knife and cut it up into sections. a claw hammer will remove the tack strips and nails.

request a bulk trash pickup.

a carpet that has been flooded can not be dried out is place. it cannot be done. replace with something other than wall to wall carpeting.

Anonymous said...

Flagler PL NW Resident

carpet in a basement sounds like a bad idea from the beginning. mold will really take off in an environment like this. I would look into tiling and creating a drain system, i.e. french drain system of some sort.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the people above (although I also have wall-to-wall carpeting in my basement), but something else to keep in mind is the possibility of something decaying in your walls. This was a case in my house where we actually had to track down an old rat nest in the sealed up wall and shop-vac out whatever was left in there.

Mat on North Capitol

Anonymous said...

this sounds like mold. you should remove the carpet entirely and use flooring that can handle a little wetness and humidity

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