Sunday, September 21, 2014

1st Street NW resident: if you must use the alleys east of 1st St NW (north of U Street NW) -- please SLOW DOWN to 10-15 mph

See this 09-20-2014 message from a resident on the 2000 block of 1st Street NW, eastside:

Dear Neighbors,

Due to the street closures re 1st Tunnel Project, many drivers are transiting the alleys on the east side of 1st Street NW between U and Bryant Streets NW in both directions, often forcing the alley to accommodate simultaneous two way traffic -- As one Park user described it on Saturday, "this alley has become the new 1st Street."

Unfortunately, this massive increase in traffic, some of it exceeding 30 miles per hour, poses a very dangerous situation for residents along the north-south 1st street alleys and, particularly, adults and children using Crispus Attucks Park.

So, I implore you to please SLOW DOWN to 10-15 mph, if you must transit the 1st Street NW alleys instead of using a dedicated street.

Concerned Resident of First Street NW


Unknown said...

Agreed: please slow down in the alley! Even better, don't use the alleys like streets. I had thought the First Street residents were maybe overreacting until I walked over to Crispus Attucks. It was definitely dangerous, and I saw cars with MD plates using the alley as if it were First Street.

Unknown2 said...

And most interesting is that these cars from MD, VA, etc should not even be using 1st street as their main commuter route either. That is what N Capitol is built to handle. 30 mph would be a nice slower pace for the usual traffic along first street. No one stops at the stop signs, it is very dangerous to cross the street to get to your car, even at the corner.

It is wonderful having the street closed now. Maybe the commuters will realize that 1st street is not a commuter route. Maybe the ambulances will realize that 1st street is not an emergency route. Maybe drivers will finally see that stop signs were put up there over 50 years ago.

Now, if only we can get the VA and MD cars to respect the ROAD CLOSED, LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY signs and not park in the sections that are closed so residents can park.

And finally, if ONLY Chief Lanier would change the NO CHASE policy and begin doing something about the dirt bikes and ATVs that rip through the neighborhood yards, streets, stop signs, etc late at night. If every neighbor would call 911 when this happens, we might get something on record, something in the Post and maybe Chief Lanier will rethink the danger that she is putting our city in by ignoring this dangerous violation of the law.