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DC Water/SKJD to install signage directing drivers away from Bloomingdale to North Capitol Street or 4th Street NW + more

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Subject: Re: Public Safety Action Items/ First Street Tunnel Construction/ Bloomingdale

Thanks, Tom, for the update, the new measures, and the continued efforts to make this project work for everyone.
All the best,

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On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 2:44 PM, Thomas Lindberg <> wrote:
To All:

Representatives of DC Water, DDOT, MPD and DCFD along with the First Street Tunnel Contractor (Skanska-Jay Dee) met on Monday, September 15th to discuss public safety, including traffic, signage and enforcement issues in Bloomingdale. After the meeting, we walked the neighborhood.   With the current street closures at four locations required for the First Street Tunnel Project ; First Street from Channing Street to Michigan Avenue NW, First Street at V Street NW, Adams Street at Flagler Place NW and Thomas Street at First Street NW, it was determined that additional traffic calming measures, improved signage and strict enforcement are essential components to ensure neighborhood safety.  Keep in mind that these construction staging areas area will be closed for 12-18 months, so that with continued communication with the appropriate District agencies along with input from elected officials, Tunnel Forum members, local citizens and others, we can make changes that result in improved safety for all.

Action Items:

1. DC Water/SKJD will furnish and install new signage in the next ten days.

New Hospital signs with directional arrows, properly directing drivers to the hospitals away from Bloomingdale to North Capital Street or 4th Street NW.
Speed limit signs will be placed in the alleyways on existing poles-please keep in mind that children play in the alley and the speed limit is 10 miles per hour.
The speed limit for local streets is now 25 miles an hour, we will be placing Speed Limit 15 MPH on all streets adjacent to and leading to the four construction staging areas.
Message Board Signs-- we will add the dates for these long term street closures to the existing boards and have two new message boards to be placed on major streets-Rhode Island and North Capital NW. The message boards are intended to direct commuters away from First Street, north of Rhode Island Ave. NW.  Additional signs such as DO NOT ENTER, STOP, LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY, will be installed.

2. Enforcement-Ongoing / Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has been out in force issuing tickets for a number of violations.  DC Water has the services of a dedicated MPD officer, working with the Project Team and deployed where needed.  DPW/Parking Enforcement has also been active in the area.   DC Water/SKJD flaggers have been deployed to streets and alleys to assist with traffic control. DC Water/SKJD Security staff is on-site at each construction staging area (CSA) during off-hours as well as at each alternative parking area. We have added improved lighting at sidewalks adjacent to each CSA.

Please be aware that there is other utility construction work in the community.  PEPCO will be working on or near the intersection at First and V Streets NW though next week, but will have crews, including sub-contractors in the neighborhood for the next couple of weeks, PEPCO is on Adams Street at the west alley today. Corinthian Construction is working on Bryant and Second Street NW for DC Water. Ft. Meyers is working on Adams and First Street to replace valves for the Water Services Department/ DC Water.   Washington Gas contractor DCI has about three more weeks of work on W Street NW before Ft. Meyers begins restoration of street and sidewalk in that area.

We appreciate Tunnel Forum members and residents contacting us directly about your concerns, so please continue to call the Hotline 844-FST-INFO/844-378-4636. Feel free to pass along this information to others. We will have an update on traffic, safety and construction at our next Tunnel Forum meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 25th at 7:00 PM at St. George's Church, 160 U Street NW.

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Dear Austin, Terri, Tom and John, and Council Member McDuffie:

Its Sunday (Sept. 14th) and it might as well be Monday morning rush hour.  There is now steady two way traffic coursing the alley on the east side of First Street NW (west end of Crispus Attucks Park).

There is no DDOT signage from 1st and R Street to Rhode Island or Rhode Island to U to alert drivers to street closures. There is no signage into the 1st alleys at U, V, W, Adams and Bryant to limit/reduce speed to 15mph or restrict use to residents only.

Unfortunately, this problem of traffic diversion into the alley cannot afford to be tabled until our next Forum meeting.  This problem is urgent and DDOT, DC Water, MPD and Skanska-JD must it before someone is seriously injured.

Many thanks,

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