Monday, September 29, 2014

tonight: McMillan back before the Zoning Commission

It's time to revisit the McMillan Sand Filtration site zoning.

The next session is this evening -- Monday, 09-29-2014.

Here is the text from the zoning website (supplied by Bloomingdame):

Public Meeting

Start Time : 9/29/2014 6:30 PM


Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 13-18
Case Name :FINAL ACTION: WBJ Wheeler Road, LLC - Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment @ Square 5925
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-04
Case Name :PROPOSED ACTION: Professional Associates & IFC - Consolidated PUD @ Square 74
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 13-14
Case Name :PROPOSED ACTION: Vision McMillan Partners, LLC - 1st-Stage PUD, Related Map Amendment, and Consolidated PUD @ Square 3128
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-14
Case Name :HEARING ACTION: Jemal's CDC, LLC - Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment @ Square 833
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-16
Case Name :HEARING ACTION: Office of Planning - Text & Map Amendment to Create a New C-2-B-1 Zone District
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 12-18
Case Name :CORRESPONDENCE: USL WDC H Street, LLC - Letter from Zoning Admnistrator pursuant to Section 2409.8
Result :

And here is Washington Business Journal reporter Michael Neibauer's tweet from this past Friday:
Monday's not just any Monday. It's McMillan Monday. Will the Zoning Commission approve? Deny? Delay?

ANC 5E07 candidate Betsy McDaniel tweeted a reminder earlier this evening:
So will this be the final zoning session on McMillan?  Will the Zoning Commissioners give a green light to the plan Monday night?  Will another zoning session need to be scheduled?  Or will it be denied?

Some neighbors may be attending the Monday evening session in person in the hearing room.
Others may be watching the live webcast.  (Go to

If you plan to tweet, you are encouraged to use the Twitter hashtag of #mcmillanzoning.

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