Monday, March 23, 2015

a bunch of W Street NW residents received parking citations today; supposed to be exempt; Teri Janine Quinn provides resolution info

See this 03-23-2015 message from a neighbor on the 100 block of W Street NW:

Parking Enforcement

Street cleaning went into effect.  Parking citations were issued to a number of persons in Bloomingdale today  who parked on the north side of W St NW between 12:30pm-2:30pm.  I spoke with Parking Enforcement.  Ms. Smith on 202 576-5233 located an email which shows we were to be exempt from parking restrictions.  She has contacted the proper person to see how to handle the citations that were issued today, Monday , March 23, 2015.  I am expecting a call back on Tuesday.  However, it is possible that the call will go to our ANC instead.  I know there will be upset persons returning from work today to see the pink citations on their windshields.  I got 2 of them.:

See these two subsequent helpful tweets from Teri Janine Quinn:

’s constituent services team is aware of the issue and prepared to assist.
5:51 PM - 23 Mar 2015 ·

They shd send name, address, citation numbers, contact info & date of the tix to their ANC Cmr & cc Laisha.
5:51 PM - 23 Mar 2015 

"Laisha" is Laisha Dougherty, Constituent Services Coordinator for Ward 5 CM McDuffie.  Her Email address is .

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Baba Booey said...

so this means that street sweeping has been suspended in Bloomingdale? I haven't seen any official announcement by DCWater, DCDPW, or McDuffie's office. Last year there was lots of public info about the suspension.