Saturday, March 28, 2015

Basque Bar at 300 Florida Avenue NW on the agenda of the next Bates meeting

300 Florida Avenue NW

First, click on the link below to see the agenda of the Monday, 04-06-2015, Bates Area Civic Association:

Note that one of the meeting agenda items is:
  • Sam and Rachel Fitz, Basque Bar LLC – Restaurant at 300 Florida Ave NW
A little Googling provides this post at the ParkLifeDC blog (click on the link below to read the entire ParkLifeDC post):

The Young & Hungry column in the Washington City Paper (which abhors the name Washington but uses it anyway) revealed today that Sam Fitz, beverage director at Pizzeria Paradiso, will soon depart after only a few months on the job.
Jessica Sidman reported: “Beer aficionado Sam Fitz is leaving his position as bar manager of Pizzeria Paradiso over the next month to open his own place with his sister Rachel Fitz. He’s not revealing a lot of the details at this time, but the business will be in D.C. and take inspiration from a cider-focused trip he took to the French and Spanish Basque country last February. He’s registered an LLC for Basque Bar.”

So maybe you should attend the next Bates meeting to see what's up with the potential future Basque Bar at 300 Florida Avenue NW by Sam & Rachel Fitz!

I think that this might be Sam Fitz.

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