Monday, March 30, 2015

today's pic of 42 W Street NW pop-up & pop-back

Another pic of the 42 W Street NW pop-up and pop-back.


Todd said...

Yet another abomination....another total destruction of the streetscape. WTF is taking DCRA so long to enact legislation on this sort of egregious aberration....if they wait another 3 months then you'll have destroyed the architectural heritage of this neighborhood. I'm beginning to think we need to bring a class action lawsuit against the city for total inaction. The zoning R4 on this should be investigated ....HIGH DENSITY RESIDENTIAL? REALLY?

Alexandra in Bloomingdale said...

we got some good news (reduction of max height to 35 feet) and bad news (developers can go up to 4 units) from ZC vote last night. Link:

Too late for this, and doesn't help with bump out, but it is progress. Thanks to all who wrote in to ZC with comments!

Unknown said...

Morning news roundup:

Todd said...

Right now, if i understand 35 feet is the roofline for most of two storey rowhouses already correct? So it precludes a third storey on a two storey rowhouse. I guess the single storey rowhouses would be able to be bumped to two floors. But where does the 4th unit go? Alley?

Further, i read this is only an initial vote....does it have force of law (does it stop those who do not yet have permits?) ....or will builders have yet a few more months to do their will do our neighorhood while they are writing the legislation? This matter alot to the unit block of W where we are already seeing several popups being executed and planned.

Todd said... further research.... in essence most rowhomes would be able to add an additiona storey .... the typical 3 storey rowhome (wardman style) would not be tall enough to preclude that... so the 4units would be including the basement. So in essence this does really very little...we still will see lots of 3rd floor popups.... perhaps it prevents these egregious pop backs....which are very detrimental. But it does really nothing to protect the architectural heritage of the neighborhood as there are no design guidelines or community approval processes envisioned.

Historic Designation Status anyone?

Bloomingdale Resident said...

Correct - another vote to come -nothing changes for now. Developers have asked for a long delay before implementation, but no vote was taken on that issue. Once the regs are posted, you can submit comments, and that will be an important point to address.

Natalya said...

Yes, historic designation! Does anyone know how to pursue that? I would be on board to help out.