Thursday, March 19, 2015

TheIntowner editorial on McMillan: Sleazy dealings between the city and developers exposed

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Sleazy Dealings Between the City and Developers Exposed

The revelations that surfaced during an all-day oversight hearing conducted by DC City Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, joined by at-large Councilmember Elissa Silverman, on the performance of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development may have surprised the council members but surely were of no surprise to the Friends of McMillan Park, their allied community activists, and the hundreds of residents of the Bloomingdale neighborhood where this historic site listed on the National Register of Historic Places is located just off North Capitol Street from Channing Street north to Michigan Avenue.
Nor were the revelations a surprise to us since we have published several in-depth articles and commentaries over the past two plus years reporting on how the city and its development team have run roughshod over the legitimate “stakeholders” who have consistently raised serious, yet constructive criticisms about this massive development plan. (For background on this controversy and information about nature and history of this historic site, see “Historic McMillan Park Site in Bloomingdale Set for Big Development; Neighbors Object to Plan, Seek to Retain and Restore Open Space,” InTowner, October 2013 issue pdf, page 1;

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Daniel in brookland said...

Thank God for Peter Wolf,,,,It is not politically correct, but we will have to bring the word RETARDED back, because it is retarded to pave over this historic site with utter mediocrity. Why did Visionless McMillan Partners, who has designed this monstrous development "plan", hire PR firm, Fontaine to fake support, you got it, they are stupid!
FIGHT for your City, your home, your health, your children's recreation and clean air, STOP the "Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue". We need open space, not a McPark, we need a Glen Echo arts/educational campus, we need a Wolf Trap outdoor concert stage with fabulous sunset, skyline views, we need the Sand filtration site for clean water security, and sustainable urban agriculture in the restored 20 acres underground. We need a library, a jogging path, a Bistro, a farmers market, a city Bazaar, a sun-lighted stream and urban beach. Let's get INTELLIGENT and STOP the miserable development team, and their DC government hacks, McDuffie, Bowser, Gray, Jeff Miller, Anthony Hood from wasting more $millions on DEMOLITION of our parkland.
The city wasted $40 million already, and fenced this "great place" off, for 28 years, imbecilic, No?
So NOW is the time for community ownership, McMillan Park Conservancy and Operational Consortium....It has been so hard for this miserable development plan, because it is stupid and destructive,,,on top of failed infrastructure and worst air pollution measured in DC.
It's your life, we can do great things together, not retarded over-development.
Saving the earth needs to start right here on our blocks, smite the Pharaoh.
paid for by Daniel Goldon Wolkoff