Monday, March 23, 2015

from the Crispus Attucks Park board: please keep your dogs on-leash

Dear Bloomingdale neighbors,
Please remember to keep your dogs on-leash in Crispus Attucks Park!  No dogs off-leash is one of our park rules.  In the last few weeks, I have received numerous complaints about off-leash dogs in the park.  
Keeping all dogs on-leash is particularly critical right now, when new grass is taking root.  Off-leash dogs cause disproportionate damage to the grass, and will harm lawn growth through the summer.  No one wants to share a picnic in the mud.
To the large majority of dog owners using Crispus Attucks Park who keep their dogs on leash, my thanks.  I don't intend this email to curtail your use of the park! I know that most people with dogs in the park are courteous, and your presence (and your dogs') adds to vibrant mix of Crispus Attucks Park.
If you would like your dog to run off leash, please consider going to the dog park in LeDroit Park.  

The Bloomingdale-LeDroit Dog Park Association administers that dog park, and they would love to see you there!
Will Gomaa,
President, CADC

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