Monday, March 16, 2015

McMillan Advisory Group announces its website at

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 21:43:46 +0000

McMillan Advisory Group (MAG)


If you watch this blog, you likely know about McMillan Park and the city's proposed development of it.  But do you know about the McMillan Advisory Group?

Did you know that the communities surrounding the park, including Bloomingdale, Stronghold, Eckington, Edgewood, and Bates are members of the MAG and meet monthly with representatives of the city to work together to address local residents' concerns about any development of the site?

The MAG meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7PM at All Nations Baptist Church at the corner of Rhode Island Ave. and North Capitol St., NE.  All meetings are open to the public.

For more information, visit the MAG web page:

2015 McMillan Advisory Group


Daniel in brookland said...

It is not politically correct, but we will have to bring the word RETARDED back, because it is retarded to pave over this historic site with utter mediocrity. Why did Visionless McMillan Partners, who has designed this monstrous development "plan", hire PR firm, Fontaine to fake support, you got it, they are stupid!
FIGHT for your City, your home, your health, your children's recreation and clean air, STOP the "Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue". We need open space, not a McPark, we need a Glen Echo arts/educational campus, we need a Wolf Trap outdoor concert stage with fabulous skyline views, we need the Sand filtration site for clean water security, and sustainable urban agriculture in the restored 20 acres underground. We need a library, a jogging path, a Bistro, a farmers market, a city Bazaar, a sun-lighted stream and urban beach. Let's get INTELLIGENT and STOP the miserable development team, and their DC government hacks, McDuffie, Bowser, Gray, Jeff Miller, Anthony Hood from wasting more $millions on DEMOLITION of our parkland.
The city wasted $40 million already, and fenced this "greeat place" off, for 28 years, imbecilic, No? So time for community ownership, McMillan Park Conservancy and Operational Consortium....It has been so hard for this miserable development plan, because it is stupid and destructive,,,on top of failed infrastructure and worst air pollution measured in DC.
It's your life, we can do great things together, not retarded over-development.
Saving the earth needs to start right here on our blocks, smite the Pharaoh.
paid for by DanielGoldon Wolkoff

nobodyhomehere said...

Classy as always, Mr. Wolkoff.

Daniel in brookland said...

Thank you so much! Finally someone in flood ravaged Bloomingdale appreciates my comments. Was it Ben Franklin who said " if a man spoke the truth all the time, he would be universally despised"? Or was it an ancestor of Barrie Danneker, who surveyed the western frontier for Thomas Jefferson, signed the Declaration of Independence or invented the mason jar? One of those Dannekers, I just can't recall.

I really miss Barrie's testimony in favor of "The Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue", I learned so much about American History. He is listed as a flunkie on the Jamie Fontaine-Gansel/ VMP "neutralize community opposition" list, but I haven't heard his funny accent for a long time. Remember his appeal, "there is no way to finance the park idea". He is so right, DC government flushed $40 million down the failed infrastructure toilet wasting this precious land for only 28 short years. That is the exact amount the Washington Post said it would cost to restore McMillan Park.
Oh we are in the hands of smart politicians, the ones still out of prison. I'm sure when our "leaders" wake up from their ' corporate profit induced coma", they will see the wisdom of preserving a historic water filtration facility, as draught threatens the entire western hemisphere. Wake up to the global movement of locally produced healthy organic produce and fish, makes a lot of sense when you don't demolish the 20 acre underground vaults. Of course DC leadership are just not visionaries who can see the fabulous experience of a Wolf Trap at McMillan for outdoor concerts with gorgeous sunset vistas, they are kind of limited, a God bless em, VMP's profit is all that matters! How could a sun-lighted freshwater creek, and urban beach work when you have a million tons of sand on site?
So dear brilliant Bloomingdale Fontaine flunkies, we can all drive to Glen Echo in West Bethesda to "swing dance", see a puppet theatre with the grand kids, and let them enjoy a carousel. Drive to Rock Creeek Park to see a tree, and walk in a nice wooded trail. So let's keep the youth of DC out of the private streets of VMP's "model village", and out on the streets of DC mugging and stabbing people, for lack of healthy community building activities here in the Capitol.
I know I'm weird, I see McMillan public land for public needs.
My loving Bloomingdale compatriots, I say "smite the Pharaoh". Bowser delivered a line of bunk last week at Bloomingdale meeting, fail to reject it at your own peril. Ciao "nobodyhomehere",, good name, knock on your skull, it fits.