Friday, March 27, 2015

"Man, white people love bitching about PopUps"

I have been asked to specifically post this tweet:
9:25 PM - 26 Mar 2015 ·


1907 3rd St. LeDroit Park Break In said...

Just curious, how is it you know these comments were posted by white people?

1907 3rd St. LeDroit Park Break In said...

Understood. I suspect many would like to ask the person the person who wrote the tweet why race is brought into the conversation. Clearly it's ok to disagree, but this is not a racial issue. I am one of many people in the area who was flooded three times a couple of years ago. Adding more people to the area, due to pop ups, to a an already over exhausted sewer system will just add to the problem. My reason for not supporting pop ups may differ from others, however non of this has anything to do with race.