Thursday, September 24, 2015

another package theft

See this 09-24-2015 message from a Flagler Place NW household:

We still seem to have really persistent package thieves. We've had so many things go missing that we've lost track. 
Is anyone else still having an ongoing problem? We can't figure out what's going on. Things appear to be swiped almost immediately after delivered. 


Citizenalpha said...

Put up a sign asking that UPS/Fedex deliver to a place out of sight (basement landing works well for some). They'll usually comply and this gets it out of sight from the street and anyone walking by. If you have ongoing problems and your house is targetted by someone in a pattern then you might want to reconsider deliver to your home.

Something else to do is to set up a webcam in your front window that captures pictures on motions.

BCC said...

Ask them to deliver to the Capital Food Mart (green market between the Firehouse and Pub & the People). (Obviously, it would be nice to repay them for the convenience by buying a bottle of water from them, and let them know they're on your delivery roster.)