Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Jak & Co and Showtime referenced in CityLab post on mobile stoop roving

Click on the link to read the entire CityLab post:

Why There's a Mobile Stoop Roving Around Washington, D.C.

One artist is taking neighborliness on the road.

The Mobile Community Stoop Project can take on a grimmer reading in certain contexts. When Elsayd anchored it outside the former Jak. & Co Hairdressers storefront, she was investing the work with political significance. In April, the Bloomingdale beauty salon posted a blunt note declaring that it was closing after 50 years “due to ‘gentrification.’”

Sitting on the stoop across the street on Rhode Island Avenue, in front of a neighborhood bar called Showtime, Elsayd and I were greeted with questions right away. One grouch didn’t care for it: He said the neighborhood’s got plenty of stoops already. A recent transplant from Austin wanted to know what it is and where it came from. “That’s my mobile stoop,” Elsayd told him. “You should sit on it and let me take your picture.”

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