Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bloomingdale could use a JBG development project.

Bloomingdale could use a JBG development project.


It has been said.


Alexandra in Bloomingdale said...

At least this one in Eckington is close by! I like so much about the design.

Sharing the sentiment- but other than McMillan site I struggle to think of infill areas for a project of any magnitude except on our periphery (i.e. parcels adjacent to Truxton Circle, or heading toward Shaw). Also interior of many residential blocks are already so crowded by rowhouse renovation and DC Water (at least in N Bloomingdale), that neighborhood support will be hard to marshall unless there was a really compelling vision or profound community benefit. The only other thing would be if a swath of property owners on N Cap wanted to cash in- a properly executed mixed use project could go a long way to kickstart N Cap development, building on what Pub and the People has done recently and Cap Food Mart has been doing for longer.

Joe said...

I for one am very excited about this -->