Friday, September 11, 2015

Architect/Designer/Landscape Committee of the Bloomingdale Village Square Project conducting a brief walk-through -- Saturday, 09-12-2015

See this 09-11-2015 message from Bertha Holliday:

On Saturday, September 12, the Architect/Designer/Landscape Committee of the Bloomingdale Village Square Project will  be conducting a brief walk-thru of the 1st and Rhode Island NW area to identify and brainstorm needed improvements in landscape, streetscape, hardscape and public art that will serve to create a greater sense of community identity and 'place' through enhanced beautification and signage, and increased functionality and use. 
Interested Bloomingdale residents are welcomed to participate in the walk-thru.  The walk will begin at Big Bear Cafe (1st and R St., NW) at 9 am
The Bloomindale Village Project is  an effort of the Bloomingdale Civic Association, with major funding provided by the Humanities Council of DC. The project  focuses on history/heritage, architecture, design and public art as means for enhancing Bloomingdactle's identity, and sense of community, and for ensuring Bloomingdale's public spaces are intentionally welcoming to all of its residents.  Bertha Holliday is the Projecl Director.

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