Sunday, September 13, 2015

How many Bloomingdalians use Swarm, the check-in app ?‏


Are there many Bloomingdalians who use the Swarm app from Foursquare?

Might there be interest in promoting Swarm in the neighborhood to help promote the neighborhood businesses?
Thanks for your feedback.

== Scott ==

For those who do not know about Swarm, here is some info:

What is Swarm?

Swarm is an app that helps you keep up and meet up with your friends. We’ve made it easier than ever to check in to your favorite places, keep up with your friends by seeing who’s close by, and meet up with your friends right in the app.
Now, with just a glance, you can easily see who’s nearby. Tap on a friend to see where they are, like their check-in or send them a message.
You may also notice some of your friends are shown in a neighborhood instead of at a specific location. That’s called neighborhood sharing; it makes it easy to see where friends are at-a-glance, even if they don’t check in.
Are you a business owner? See more information on how Swarm impacts your business.
Swarm app in the Apple store 
Swarm app in the Android store 
Swarm app in the Microsoft store 

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