Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DC Water cuts off water service last night without notice, impacting Red Hen

See this set of tweets:

You CANNOT shut off the water without telling anyone.
10:20 PM - 22 Sep 2015 ·

We'll check in now and see what's going on.
10:28 PM - 22 Sep 2015 

please work on notifications: this is the 2nd week we were not notified. Your flyer program is not working.
10:32 PM - 22 Sep 2015

We're turning the water back on temporarily but it will be shut off again at 11:30. 2/2
10:35 PM - 22 Sep 2015 

That's good feedback. I'll let the crews know. Are you also signed up for our text alerts?
10:36 PM - 22 Sep 2015 

how early do they let people know? We must find out about this before service to prepare for closing early.
10:39 PM - 22 Sep 2015 

our water was cut with 65 people in our dining room. Just send someone in to say you are doing so. It takes no time
10:41 PM - 22 Sep 2015 ·

We'll update our crew managers and see if we can improve our notification system. Again, thanks for the feedback
10:47 PM - 22 Sep 2015 

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