Monday, December 28, 2015

assault on the 100 block of Seaton Place NW

See this post from the Bloomingdale Kids list at Yahoogroups yesterday, Sunday, 12-27-2015:

Assault on the 100 block of Seaton NW
Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:11 pm (PST) . Posted by:
I'd like to let everyone that lives in the neighborhood know that there is an attacker in the area. Unfortunately, he did not just snatch my purse and run, which would be bad enough - he continued to hold me after he had my purse, pushed me down into a lower level stairway, and attempted to take off my shirt. Fortunately, someone passed by at the right moment and heard me yelling, and I escaped with only bruises and scrapes. I hope this guy is caught before he can do anything similar or worse to anyone else, but it is unlikely that the police will be able to catch him from the information I was able to provide as I never got a good look at his face.

The attack happened around 7:15 PM as I was walking home from the Shaw metro station and was on the south side of Seaton NW between 1st and 2nd St. If by any chance anyone sees anything that might be of any help in solving this, please call Detective Boyd at 202-553-4228.

Please feel free to post this information to any neighborhood lists/blogs to get the word out.


Feedback from a neighbor:

Just seeking clarification. The assault on Seaton I believe is the same as this:

That incident took place on Dec 22, as opposed to 26. Want to make sure it is in fact a single incident and not multiple attacks. Scary nonetheless, but more so if it is a serial predator stalking the same block.

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Jenifer said...

so glad you are telling everyone about this and so glad someone helped rescue you! That's a real neighborhood thing!