Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"person standing in my backyard"

See this 12-29-2015 message:

Good morning, I live on the unit block of Seaton Place NW. I went into my kitchen at 5:15 am today, noticed my porch light was on. I looked out of my kitchen door and a guy with long deadlocks ,grey hooded sweatshirt and jeans was standing in my yard looking around and standing next to my truck. I have a five foot chain link fence with a padlock. When I banged on the door he jumped on the trash can, went over the fence and ran up the alley toward North Capital. Please let our neighbors know and please be careful. Thanks


Shane Harris said...

Thanks for posting this. Are you on the even or odd numbered side of the street?

Seth said...

We had someone illegally enter into our backyard over the last two days and try to break into our garage. Our door lock is damaged. Fortunately they didn't get in. This was on seaton and 2nd. That's a lot of activity over the last two weeks on the block.