Saturday, December 26, 2015

see the locations of outdoor murals in Bloomingdale

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Finding D.C.'s Murals: A Guide To The Guides


A reader recently wrote in saying he was thinking about making a comprehensive list or map of D.C.'s murals, but was wondering if we already knew of any such resources. In fact, we do.
A number of different people and groups have taken to cataloging and notating the city's many outdoor tapestries. The works have captured many people's imaginations, ourselves included. And while there's nothing quite like happening upon a provocative work of street art—leaving you startled, bewildered, or simply enthralled—they are also well worth seeking out. So if you're looking to learn more about the District's every-changing landscape of murals, try one of these resources.
Google Street Art Project: The D.C. portion of this huge resource is certainly small, but it makes up for it by including videos and other resources that give some context to the works.

Here is where outdoor art sites in & around Bloomingdale from the Google Street Art Project link above:

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