Thursday, December 24, 2015

pics from this year's 12-20-2015 World Missions Extension Center Toys to Needy Kids Giveaway

See this message and pic assortment from Dr. Joann Perkins of World Missions Extension Center.

Note that World Missions used to have a church at 1720 1st Street NW.  The church relocated to Brookland some time ago.  The plan for the 1720 1st Street NW location is for a daycare facility.

Not counting families and friends who were represented  there were IN ATTENDANCE  300 families/ 843 children physically present at the rally. Also in attendance were vendors/presenters from: The Bureau of Community Hygiene Rodent &Vector Control/Department of Health; DCPC Early Childhood Education Division; the Metropolitan Police Department; CFSA foster Care Agency; and the Family Care Coalition were among our friends who shared information, and  donated a bike for our Anti Crime/Anti Violence Program and the McKinley Technology High School ROTC cadets.

As indicated from information obtained from our demographic registration report we had families represented from each quadrant of the city  which consisted of  families from all social economical levels  such as families classified as being:

·         Homeless families and their children living in shelters, on the street and in cars;

·         Children and families of Ex-offenders;

·         Parents who receive TANF ( on welfare) and social security benefits;

·         Disabled Veterans and their families/children;

·         Teen Moms:

·         Moms registering their children through OSSE and DCPS;

·         Senior Citizens;

·         Grandparents raising children;

·         Siblings of youth incarcerated at the Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services

·         Mentally and Physically Challenged Students from  schools located in each quadrant of the city;

·         Suicidal patients in treatment needing toys for their children;

·         Drug Users  and their children;

·         Latino Families;

·         Persons living with HIV-AIDs;  and

·         families from Domestic Violence Shelters.                                                                                       

With your help each child received: 3 toys each for Christmas:

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