Monday, April 15, 2013

"March for Peace" thank you

See this message from Ward 5 resident Silas Grant regarding this past Saturday's "March for Peace" which originated at North Capitol and Florida Avenue NW.

Many thanks to all that participated and supported the second “March for Peace” event. This event took place in the Bloomingdale community and we marched to the NoMa section of town and back. Although we did not receive an official count, the crowd of marchers looked quite strong as we walked in peace and solidarity.
We’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank Council members Grosso, Wells and McDuffie for participating in the march. Along with the Council members, we were joined by Commissioners Teri Janine Quinn, Mark Mueller, Joyce Robinson-Paul, Tim Clark and Wanda Foster of ANC 5E. Also, newly elected Commissioner Wendell Felder from Ward 7 (and one of the youngest ANCs in the city) joined us as well. Thanks to each of these elected officials for being with us.
Along with the elected officials, we received support and assistance from two small businesses in the area. Big Bear Café was gracious enough to provide complimentary coffee for the marchers. Kuumba Kollectibles crafted and donated signs that we used in the march. We offer many thanks and appreciation to Stu Davenport and his team at Big Bear as well as Sala Damali and her team at Kuumba Kollectibles.
Lastly, the march couldn’t have worked as well without the support of the DC government. The Metropolitan Police Department’s coordination between the 1st and 5th districts was pivotal as we crossed into NoMa from Bloomingdale. They provided an escort equipped with squad cars and segways. The Department of Parks and Recreation provided roving leaders. We’d like to thank Ricardo Duren, Darryl Logan and Alonzo Holloway from the Roving Leaders team for joining us. Also we’d like to thank Marchim (Mark) Williams from the Mayor’s Office on Neighborhood Engagement, who joined us as well.
In closing, the summer is approaching. As the warm weather approaches, more people will be out. Find a new friend in a neighbor that you may not have spoken to in times past. We have great communities in Ward 5 and they can only be better when we get to know one another. A conversation could change the world. Be the change that you want the world to be.
Peace and love,
-Tony Lewis, Jr. and Silas Grant-

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