Tuesday, April 23, 2013

three reasons set the tone for this Saturday's World Mission Walk-A-Thon

See this 04/22/2013 message from Dr. joAnn Perkins of World Missions Extension Center, 1st and Randolph Place NW:

As we prepare for this Saturday’s neighborhood walk a thon, 3 main reasons set the tone for the walk: we want to  share information about World Missions programs, Two we want to raise funds for Scholarships for seniors needing funds to go to college, and the third reason is to identify mentors for youth, and children.  Attached is the revised flier for the walk which includes a 8:00am meet and greet with the neighborhood walk beginning at 9:00am. Pictures below were taken at last year’s Melissa B. Perkins Scholarship Awards Ceremony which show Asst. Chief Groomes posing with   Paula Thomas, Salutatorian from McKinley Senior High School now attending the University of Delaware, and Victory Belts attending a prestigious college in New York.   Below pictures show yours truly posing with the young ladies.  Our goal is to raise funds which will allow us again to award Scholarships to youth needing funds to go to college.  So we ask that neighbors and friends come out to the 8:00am meet and greet to say hello to the many youth and children and parents who will be present.  And we are also looking for persons interested in volunteering and serving as mentors for not just kids in the community, but also serving as mentors for youth who are incarcerated as well.   I am attaching a copy of the flier for both the walk and the scholarship requirements for senior high school youth who might be interested in applying.    We want to encourage everyone to come out and join us as we walk through the neighborhood sharing ourselves with others build relationships is priceless.     Dr. j. Perkins



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