Thursday, April 25, 2013

WJLA: "T Street NW attack leaves residents in disbelief"

Good to see the local media covering the brutal assault in LeDroit Park:

T Street NW attack leaves residents in disbelief

Police say a man was violently attacked for his computer bag on T Street NW Wednesday. 

“I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” says Christina Starr, a 28-year-old graduate student.
Starr walked out of her Ledroit Park home around 1 p.m. just as three young men jumped a 26-year-old man from behind and started punching him in the face repeatedly.
“I think his whole body went onto the car,” she says. “There was blood all over the windshield and the windshield was cracked.”

The damaged blue Jetta still sits with a smashed windshield. Starr said the victim was slammed into the car and his face was badly injured. She immediately started yelling.

The trio of suspects ran off. Starr says the victim was shaking.

“A lot of blood, really scary stuff. He made it down the block and sat down before we got to him and then he sat down.”

She and other neighbors called police and an ambulance while they tried to stop the bleeding.

“All he could say was ‘They came up behind me, the followed me from the circle, they were trying to get my bag,’” she says.
Detectives covered the neighborhood with warnings and requests for information Thursday. Residents were in disbelief that an attack happened in broad daylight in a nice D.C. neighborhood.

Police are asking anyone with information to call (202) 673-6918.


mashinka said...

again today, between 5th and 6th st nw and between florida and t in the alley. a woman was attacked and mugged.

Janus said...

Hey, that's why they call it "vibrant."